White Collar Staffing Services

OMB is one among the best human resource consulting agencies in the UAE. With an expansive array of outsourcing services for the white-collared category we also offer permanent recruitment services in this category. Our services encompass job profiles ranging from entry-level positions to C-suite level positions across a multitude of industries.

Permanent Recruitment Services

Our experienced HR consultants implement a targeted strategy to accumulate a talented pool of candidates with potential and calibre. White-collar job roles are increasingly becoming strategic in nature. Therefore, we infuse a global approach to our rich staffing experience and find the right candidate for the job. Through an all-inclusive approach, we handpick ideal candidates for our clients- locally, regionally and internationally.

Why should you choose OMB for Staffing services?

  • We resolve the complexities of manpower replenishment for you through our well-integrated database of talent.
  • We promise work efficiency and excellent service quality from employees at all ranks.
  • We help you source adaptable staff affordably on short notice.
  • We are a bankable manpower consultancy with deep market insight and strong associations across a wide array of industries.

Recruitment and selection process adopted by OMB

OMB Process