Blue Collar Staffing Services

As a leading manpower staffing agency in the UAE, OMB serves industries like aviation, shipping, maritime, construction, logistics, manufacturing units, commercial centres and more. We are committed to facilitating expert manpower supply to these industries with flexibility. UAE has hundreds of thousands of construction and commercial projects in progress. It is a mark of the vigorous pace of development of the country. It also depicts the magnitude of the demand for expert and efficient blue-collar workers in the country. Blue Collar staffing is one of our core services with features like end-to-end labour contracts, regular in-house training and compliance with health and safety standards.

We supply blue-collar manpower in the following categories

Drivers and Operators

Drivers include light and heavy-duty vehicle drivers, motorbike drivers. Operators comprise of forklift operators and operators of heavy and light machinery at warehouses, construction sites, etc.

Unskilled / Semi-Skilled staff

Unskilled category comprises of physically sound employees like General Helpers, Cleaners, etc. The semi-skilled staff comprises of manpower with enhanced skills that enable them to be a perfect fit for jobs like- Warehouse coders, In-store Assistants, etc.

Support personnel

Work support employees like Assistants, Office assistance, and Admin support.


Skilled employees for jobs demanding technical skills like Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Mechanics, Masons, etc.