Data Management Services

Employees are the human assets of any business entity. Smooth management of employee data has multiple critical implications for a business. It facilitates employee analysis, audits and fulfils legal requirements. OMB offers cutting-edge data solutions to organisations seeking employee data management services. Our unified data management tool acts as the principal source of information for all your personnel as it accumulates all the data in a single place. As an employer, you get to access a single platform to manage all the relevant information about your workforce.

Our clients get to access and control the workforce-related data with utmost transparency. This data is instantly updated once any employee modifies any information. OMB has a pool of efficient data administration and technology professionals that help in creating the employee database. OMB helps businesses in maintaining and regularly updating the workforce data in real-time. It includes personal modification of information by employees, a listing of benefits, change and re-classifying job profiles, restructuring of organisations, and building new HRIS accounts for freshly appointed staff members.