Managed Services

Contact Center Services

A contact centre is crucial in centralizing communication and keeping customers happy. A well-managed contact centre helps enhance the experiences of customers and agents by streamlining the communication exchange across all platforms.

Data Management Services

Employees are the human assets of any business entity. Smooth management of employee data has multiple critical implications for a business. It facilitates employee analysis, audits and fulfils legal requirements.

Document collection and delivery services

With a vast experience centred around document compliance requirements of different entities belonging to diverse industries, OMB is proficient in document collection and delivery services. We offer swift and dependable services related to the collection, clearance and delivery of documents.

Verification Services

In the ever-dynamic business environment of today, organizations are hiring more extensively than ever before. Verification of the candidates is one of the indispensable steps of recruitment. A candidate is a prospective representative of an organization. Clean background and the assurance that the information provided by the candidate is factual is imperative before welcoming the candidate onboard.