Payroll Outsourcing Services

OMB offers an all-inclusive payroll service to businesses. We administer the complete payroll function for you in conformity with the UAE labour laws- right from salary calculation to making salary transfers. The legal implications attached to payroll makes it one of the most complex, arduous and risky functions for employers. As an experienced payroll expert, OMB is committed to fulfilling this function with utmost efficiency and promptness.

The complexities surrounding employment protocols, information, WPS regulations and periodic updates require superior knowledge and experience that we provide through our efficient team of experts. OMB offers multi-functional support with interrelated systems, which is essential for business success.

We help our clients to merge HR and payroll systems which contributes to augmenting efficiency, saving time and cutting down IT and managerial expenses. Our services facilitate clients in eliminating any discrepancies in the calculation of benefits, tax and payroll. We also provide insights into HR and payroll strategies through modern analytical tools.

Why choose OMB for Payroll outsourcing?

  • Through our responsible work ethic, we relieve you from the hassle of Payroll management, allowing you to focus on strategic and business issues that require your undivided attention.
  • Outsourcing Payroll management to OMB is swift and cost-effective.
  • We save you from complicated calculations, inhibit inaccuracies, risks and arrears associated with Payroll management.
  • We seamlessly integrate the payroll policy of your business with our sophisticated and flexible payroll solutions.
  • You get to access the payroll from any location and device.
  • OMB strives to instil an enhanced sense of control and transparency regarding payroll among employees.
  • Our payroll outsourcing services are available for entities of all sizes and industries.
  • OMB is a subsidiary of Etisalat Services Holdings. Our reputation embodies trust and security, putting all your risk associated worries at rest.