Job Title

Head of Business Development & Sales

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Skill Set

Must be a self-starter, highly organized, and able to work well with attorneys at all levels in the organization. Polished presentation and interpersonal skills. Must possess top level business management, interpersonal, and facilitation skills. Needs good knowledge of office/desktop applications (powerpoint etc.)

Job Description

Principal Functions (Major Areas of Responsibility):
Provide strategic leadership for the development of sales, business development and marketing plans to achieve the annual growth targets of the organization. Carries overall responsibility for the section’s planning process and financial performance. Ensure that business development activities and sales performance are lead and managed to achieve annual financial targets and profitability. Oversee the marketing functions, including development and achievement of plans for marketing, communications and technology. Contribute to the strategic direction of the organization through the executive team management processes.

Duties & Responsibilities :

Provide objective-focused performance culture for the business development, sales and marketing teams, supported with a coaching-based leadership style. Contribute to the strategic direction of the organization through annual planning processes, regular performance reviews & reporting during executive team meetings. Undertake other activities commensurate with grade and experience as required by the General Manager.
Customer and Product Understanding: Develop and continually refine understanding of customers - including personas, needs and competitors, common buying stages etc. Use the market knowledge for identification of training products and services required by each market segment. Collaborate with Director/Portfolio Strategy & Management to achieve product development and monetize within tight timelines.
Business Development: Develop and execute strategic business development plans ensuring enough opportunities in the sales funnel. Engage in client visits, meetings, discussion etc.
Marketing: Oversee the development of annual and quarterly organizational marketing plans. Support and facilitate development and implementation of section business/marketing plans, as and when required. Plan and administer the annual marketing budget, including the budget requirements for marketing growth initiatives.
Oversee the development of corporate communication plans which reach internal and external clients, with emphasis on use of new technologies, public relations, speaking opportunities and targeted opportunities.  Oversee the electronic marketing strategies, including managing the website, use of social media and online advertising.
Sales: Develop annual and quarterly organizational sales plan, including sales plans for each target segment and roll-out of sales target into individual KAMs’ projections and sales plans. Lead the achievement of sales plans and targets, including the monitoring of individual performance and correction of underachievement of targets. Undertake monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of key account managers’ performance, including pipeline, conversion rate, target achievement, and margin analysis. Ensuring monitoring of tenders & RFP opportunities and timely submission of responses against applicable options in compliance with internal review processes.
Ensure the client and prospect database is kept current and accurate.

Roles & Responsibilities

Same as above ..