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Education : MinimumAssociate level Diploma /certification  in FTTH
Minimum 2 years of experience working as technician in FTTX/ GPON
Responsible for Jointing & Splicing of Fiber Optics
Responsible for complete checking and testing of OSP and ISP equipment.

Roles & Responsibilities

Other Requirements
1. Knowledge and experience of fiber optic technology GPON .
2. Understanding of difference between single and multi- mode fibers.
3. Cable preparation, termination, fusion-splicing and testing.
4. Installations, troubleshooting and maintaining all fiber optic system on site and they are working properly.
5. Inspecting fiber routes and hub sites as preventative maintenance.
6. Experience on pull the cable from customer end to MODF or DC.
7. Termination and splicing of Single mode and Multi core FO cable .
8. Experience on cables preparation for the MODF install and joint enclosures repair and maintenance action .
9. Experience on O/I FDH splitter installation.
10. Ability to read and interpret network diagrams and detailed instructions.
11. Experience pulling and dressing fiber optic cable in OSP environment.
12. Hand on experience of fiber optic test equipment VFL and Optical power meter related test.