CEO's Message

Welcome to OMB, Your objective Our solution. I am sure our diligent team will work hard to outlive your expectations. We at OMB ensure to deliver value to your professional life through our Outsourcing Services, and in doing so we leave no stone unturned.

I have always been adventurous in nature and pushed myself a bit more to satisfy my clients. This I do volitionally, not out of any kind of professional impulse or compulsion. I feel this is the best way to grow businesses, when we realize that the aim is good will and progressive collaborations and not monetary assurance alone. I want my clients, partners and customers to keep experiencing the ‘Wow’ moment time and again. For me this is the most nurturing moment of all. My most gratifying moment is when my employees and team members understand the requirement and work in sync with one another. Nothing could be more satisfying.

The best part of OMB is that we are always available and our business processes, policies and procedures are transparent. This gives us an edge. Since all our collaborations are more than business, we work with the ethos of ‘family’. This sets us apart. We are always available to listen to your suggestions and complaints and would work on them seriously to bring you optimal contentment.

As the head of this prestigious organization I welcome you all to collaborate with OMB for an utmost and optimal professional outcome. May your journey with us be always smooth and progressive, Amen!

Who we are

We are a leading Human Resource consulting company based in Dubai that delivers comprehensive and swift recruitment and outsourcing solutions to multiple businesses across all sectors. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Etisalat Services Holdings, we have been catering to meet the demanding manpower needs of all the affluent sister companies under the umbrella of ESH alongside fulfilling the HR outsourcing requirements of our rich portfolio of external clients. Our rich experience infused with the legacy of Etisalat bestows a tremendous potential to our purpose of providing paramount HR solutions to our clients.

ماذا نقدم?

We are a premier HR outsourcing services provider that offers all-encompassing HR solutions. Our services include manpower staffing, permanent recruitment solutions, contract staffing, training & development, payroll outsourcing, accommodation, document verification, data management, transportation and fleet management solutions to business entities based in the UAE. Our HR outsourcing services are deeply rooted in the belief that the workforce is the most valuable asset for an organization. We contribute to uplifting businesses by finding the right fit amidst our deep and versatile pool of talent. Our objective is to help our clients focus on the strategic cornerstones whilst we support them with HR composite HR functions.


To be a leader in Business Process Outsourcing.


To enable our Customers to grow their business by providing smart & flexible outsourcing solutions to exceed Client Expectations.